DDS Web Design

is a modern and innovative company dedicated to development of new and novel websites. Our designers have formal qualifications in design up to degree level and has worked for several years in computer games design meaning that clever and efficient animated web pages are second nature. We understand the need for efficiency to go hand in hand with good design and will always optimise our products to ensure that they run as quickly as possible. We aim to produce eye catching websites that will stand out from the crowd.

Our approach is always to work with the customer to identify their needs and show drafts as the work is developed to ensure that you are happy with the end product. Why not go to our folio page to see examples of work completed?

3D Representation

an image

DDS have extensive experience in;

  • Architectural representation

  • Product visualisation

  • Ingame art


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Web design on a budget? Why not use one of our templates; 4 page website with web space unlimited emails from £500


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  • Virtual private servers;

  • Dedicated Servers;

  • Plesk Control Panel;

  • SSL Certificates

  • Email accounts


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